Jewellery Care

We hope that your Jewellery will last a long time and maybe become heirlooms one day ♥ but jewellery is delicate by its nature, so we advise taking off your jewellery if you are lifting any heavy items or working/gardening, to avoid any damage to your precious jewellery.

We advise removing rings if they may be in contact with something abrasive or another metal object on a regular basis. Constant wear against a hard object might cause damage to your ring, and may compromise any intricate design or stone-setting. Regular contact with chlorinated water can also can also cause discoloration.



Tarnishing is a natural process through which metals, including sterling silver, gold-plated sterling silver and 9ct gold, react to the oxygen and moisture in the air, and results in oxidisation and eventually tarnishing.
Avoid exposing your jewellery to humidity or too much heat by storing your pieces in a sealed plastic bag or airtight box when it is not being worn, this will keep out the air and moisture. Metals can also tarnish if in contact with harmful chemicals and even some perfumes, hand creams and essential oils. 

Usually you can simply use a "silver dip" to clean your tarnished jewellery, to make it look almost like new again. 



We usually use Freshwater pearls. They are very delicate and will not withstand constant wear. Please avoid contact with soaps and detergents and your freshwater pearls.