Dagmar’s love of florals and simplistic design results in ethereal, elegant and timeless jewellery. 

She moved from Germany to the UK in 2003 and followed her passion for creating jewellery, and since graduating with a BA Degree in Designed Jewellery and Metalwork in 2010, Dagmar has been selected to exhibit at a number of prestigious venues including the Victoria and Albert Museum, Goldsmith’s Hall and the beautiful Kew Gardens in London. 

Her delicate collections incorporate intricate hand piercing and fine finishing techniques and are formed by fusing a multitude of miniature petals, which translate the abundance, fullness & beauty found in organic structures.

With the subtle and soft metal textures she employs combined with brilliant colours of gemstones and pearls, her work creates a beautiful visual balance. 



There is a deep sentimental & symbolic value that a bespoke piece of jewellery creates, and Dagmar especially enjoys crafting engagement and wedding rings as well as children’s jewellery for that reason.



 All pieces are designed and made by hand in her Oxfordshire Studio, and through that process every piece becomes unique, just like in nature every flower is different and not one petal is ever quite the same.


Dagmar’s ethos is to be as environmentally friendly as possible, and all Silver and Gold are recycled. She also works in Fairtrade Gold upon request.